My name is Christian Mealey. Welcome to Time In.

I’m an MBA student who just started my 2 years as a full-time student in BYU’s Marriott School of Management. I’ve edited a couple blogs in the past with various intentions. One was a financial blog, which was mostly organized around the mortgage industry. I had hoped to use the blog to promote my own mortgage business. I created my second blog when the Palm Pre was first announced. That blog was much more professionally developed and successful than the first, and, frankly, I enjoyed editing a tech blog a whole lot more.  I enjoyed those opportunities to share my voice, so, at the recommendation of a recent speaker here in the MBA program, here I am doing it again.

Entering the MBA program has been a nearly overwhelming experience because of the amount of work that I have to do. For some reason I’ve decided that the solution to not having enough time to do everything is assigning myself another thing to do. It can only mean that I believe that the regular catharsis from writing combined with the added ability to network my ideas will be that useful. And I do believe just that.

That’s the whole point of Time In. I’m here having what is already one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. I’ve already had multiple opportunities to hear from and speak with industry leaders and some very influential thinkers. These experiences have already acted as a catalytic force for my own ideas. One of the primary goals I have for my future is making a difference for the “Bottom of the Pyramid“. I’m also finding daily that I’m recording profound experiences that I’m having with my professors and my classmates in the MBA program. I think that any time a person faces a challenge bigger than them, they have to be somewhat introspective in order to adapt and learn. I’ve had some thoughts about myself that I think others would find valuable, so I’m sharing them.

Time In is a space for me to explore my experience and road through the MBA. The idea behind the blog’s title comes from a thought from Urban Meyer, “4-6 seconds of great focus and great effort – If you do that, you have a chance to be successful.” Time In is just a response to a need for focus. This is me saying “Time In to being focused on what is most important and valuable and making a difference there.” I hope my experience will make you smile or give you insight into your own path at this time.

Time In will also be a place for me to explore social enterprise and connecting sustainable business benefits with the Bottom of the Pyramid. There are some significant developments happening in social enterprise, and there is already lots of excellent information out there (see the link above for one of my favorite books on the subject). Some of what I have to say will be unique and new to the social enterprise space, and I want to help improve it by sharing. I also want to help promote the idea of connecting sustainable business with the rest of the most developing parts of our world, and one of the best ways that I can do so is by putting my thoughts on the subject in writing and then bringing people here to read them.

It would always be my privilege to hear your response to my thoughts. If something I’ve said has moved you positively or negatively, please comment and let me know. I believe one the greatest potentials of the blogging sphere is in the conversation between the author and the readers.

Best regards and thanks for reading.


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